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Can’t make it here anymore

The Democratic Party is poised to deliver a Build Back Better betrayal to the American people. Indeed, the ways in which President Biden’s social and infrastructure spending proposals have been hollowed out are a good microcosm of the Democratic Party’s … Continue reading

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Build Back Better

We’ve been instructed for 40 odd years that there’s no alternative to neoliberalism when it comes to how we organize our economy, but the attempt by the Biden administration to enact an infrastructure spending program looks to challenge this sentiment. … Continue reading

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FIRE Alarm

We used to make things and employee people who were paid wages that they spent back into the economy. Finance properly allocated capital for productive ends rather than speculation and fraud. We had a productive economy that benefitted Main Street … Continue reading

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Back to the Future

Ideologies that serve elite interests never really go away, they just reconstitute in new guises. In A Brief History of Neoliberalism, author David Harvey argues provocatively that neoliberalism is a continuation of early capitalism, whereby modern corporations are busy re-privitizing … Continue reading

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My Hate is Pure

Every time I calm down, there’s another reminder of the damage that neoliberalism has wrought.¬†Once again, rather than reading about this in the New York Times or Washington Post, this has to be pointed out and emphasized by William Black, … Continue reading

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It’s Pee

Republican’s want to immediately privatize government. They hate the thought of the government doing anything for “those people.” Ever since the New Deal, Republicans have made the intellectual argument that a welfare state saps American’s freedoms, and have mounted¬†a decades … Continue reading

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